In today’s evolving economy many professionals are choosing alternatives to the standard idea of employment. With so much of the work force electing to tele-commute or “satellite” office, strike out on their own as independent contractors, or even start their own businesses from the ground up the need for a modern approach to office space has grown drastically. I’ve talked about Co-Working in previous blog posts . With the Houston metro area now exceeding 10,000 sq. miles and boasting a population of almost 7 million finding a place to call home as one of these “coworkers” can be increasingly daunting- that is unless you know what questions to ask as you make your decision. Below is a list of things any professional on the hunt for office space without longterm commitment or high overhead should be prepared to ask (and have answered as I have done for The Hive Katy J)

Q: Who are the current members in your coworking space?

Some coworking locations cater specifically to one type of professional, or one field. This can be beneficial because it assures that your new peers will have an understanding of your job, but it can also be limiting to have a focus so narrow that it doesn’t allow for broader collaborations. Our coworking space in Katy, Texas welcomes professionals from all fields of work to create a community with varying experiences and solutions. It’s important to choose a location that you feel is in line with the goals you have set for yourself and your business.

Q: What is the infrastructure like?

It’s very important to check out the services that are offered at a location – especially things that you rely on like access to the internet and copy services. Our coworking space in Katy, Texas proudly offers a business class internet connection, with speeds up to 50 mbp download and 30 mbp upload. We also provide a printer/scanner/copier and can assist you with faxing needs. Our space is quite large, with some private desks as well as larger work tables and even a lounge area for those that prefer to be extra comfortable while they work.

Q: What about other amenities? And Hours of Operation?

Different spaces offer different amenities to their members/clients. At The Hive we offer free wi-fi (no connection charges EVER with a paid coworking membership), free coffee and snack bar, as well as first chance access to a multitude of educational resources that are hosted by The Hive Katy. We also foster a close relationship with the Katy Area Chamber of Commerce and have sponsored networking events for the organization. At this time The Hive is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm. We do offer a 24/7 coworking subscription – come for a tour or browse HERE to explore all of our different options for membership.