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Why Coworking is Right for your Business in 2016

Alice Luu

Happy New Year! 2015 is behind us and we’ve got a fresh set of 12 months ahead to put into advancing our personal and professional lives. Let’s talk a little about our professional lives specifically- did you end 2015 stuck in a rut, or worse, without employment altogether? It happened to an estimated 50,000 people in the Houston area over the last 18 months thanks to the overwhelming down-turn in domestic energy production. When rapid economic shifts occur many professionals begin to look for alternative answers to employment- which can mean branching out on your own as a consultant or even starting a new journey into entrepreneurship. The Hive Katy was built specifically with people like this in mind, and our coworking space can be a valuable asset to small businesses and independent workers.

Have you ever heard the phrase “it takes a village”? Usually reserved for child-rearing, I find it incredibly appropriate when talking about the benefits of utilizing a coworking space. Collaboration is the spirit of the coworking movement. Being able to bounce ideas off of professionals with different backgrounds and levels of experience creates a rich environment for growth. Building a successful business, whether one employee or fifty, can be a daunting task- until you’re surrounded by a community of people that are working toward similar goals and can be looked to for solutions created by fostering a collaborative fellowship of minds. Joining The Hive Katy gives you access to a workspace designed with this core value.

Parallel to the idea of collaboration, is the value that coworking spaces promote healthy competition- rather than being pitted against coworkers in a pool at one company, The Hive Katy’s coworking space encourages each individual to set the bar high and utilize the relationships available in our space to help you attain your goals.

Along with being able to socialize with others, coworking also offers an inherent flexibility that can be the key to success for many. With memberships starting as little as $75 and options that can provide 24/7 access, utilizing The Hive Katy’s coworking space provides you with an affordable and relaxed atmosphere that stimulates creativity, while still maintaining the professional image that promotes productivity. Coworking members can focus on what’s most important without the distractions of a home office or the impersonal feeling of a public place.

Although still a relatively new principle, coworking is rapidly gaining popularity for many reasons- especially the ones mentioned here today. I came across an actual document that is the mantra of the coworking community, The Coworking Manifesto and I challenge you to read it and see just how the spirit of the coworking movement can empower you and your business to join the evolving standard in workplace environments. Follow the Twitter feed @ and be cutting edge in 2016. Finally, like our Facebook page @ Come tour The Hive Katy today and mention this blog post and get the first month free! This special expires January 31, 2016.